6 Tips For Good Website Photography

Photo: www.stockfresh.com
Photo: www.stockfresh.com

Getting photography right

Good website photography is essential to make your site look more professional. Full stop.

Whether you are a yoga teacher, a hairdresser or an online shop, making sure you or your product is displayed well makes all the difference online.

Don\’t just google \”Office stock photo\”. Yes, I am looking at you, website that uses such imagery as this:


Ensuring good website photography

This is an example of how website photography should be done. Working with Family Tree Health in Melbourne to redesign their existing website, I asked the owner to get in a professional photographer for a shoot.

The results are absolutely perfect. Loads to choose from, great lighting and photos that represent the heart of the clinic: Family.


Photo: Piccolo Angelo Photography

But… I can\’t afford a photographer!

Don\’t worry! I have a few tips for you to take some photos using your phone or a decent camera. Just do the following:

  1. Take a lot. Doesn\’t matter if you like them all, take loads!
  2. Make sure they are framed well, use the rule of thirds
  3. Use people if you can, and make them smile
  4. Natural light is always a winner, take shots of people outside or near a window
  6. No really, don\’t use flash!

Your website will look a million times better if you follow these simple rules. No more men in offices presenting to people please!

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